Monday, July 29, 2013

Packwood Hose

Eventually I wake up and its time to heade south, not home though, no today we are going visiting somewhere, only we porberably set out to late and took it too leisurely down the motorway. Mind I did break the 60mpg barrier!

We arrive in the car park of

Packwood House. No I’ve never heard of it.

We are given a our tickets and a map of the grounds

And head into them on this warm afternoon

The most exciting part of the gardens is in here according to the map.

We play with a marble toy – probably for kids, but I did note that there was no activity play area shown on the map.

I soon get my camera out looking for photo action.

Back in the green green gardens and their colourful borders.

Whilst Zoe read from the guide book and educates us in why the house is here.

Me I’m enjoying the wonders of colour

See, now why would you paint just that pink?

Come through the gate and into paradise.

The gardens laid out with yew trees all carefully cut to give a magnificent area.

and these four trees I think were the disciples.

And behind is the alter. Ingeniously to get to it you have to spiral round and round.

Zoe makes it first.

Then Alan.

No doubt they are taking about the view.

I ponder if it is the view up the tree.

Or across the gardens.


So we leave this area

And head around the lake

were Alan does his best to annoy the geese.

Ah look something I missed.

A big earn.

As the place closes up we wander the colourful boarders

looking at the strange plants

that we growing here and there.

Inspiration for the garden Alan?

Look a pool area, most exciting.

Oh look the bees are loving this blue stuff.

bizzy buzzy bees enjoying the pants

sOon though it was time to go unless we wanted to be locked in.

So we raced to the Ktichen garden across the way

To see the scarecrows.

The wonders hidden behind the walls.

A clock garden created by the local school children

And a hiding hut.

Then that also closed so there was nothing to it other than leaving. We headed to the pub Alan and Zoe were staying at.

And had a lovely meal unlike the people behind us, who were very obvious to the waitress just how bad there food was apart from one in the part who like us through enjoyed it.

As you can see we ate the lot, and instead of taking pictures of food on the table its a case of

food in the belly. We drink and play games but eventually Nack is struggling to stay awake and needs to go to bed desperately, his own bed, well a bed. ahhhhhh

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