Sunday, July 21, 2013

Round and Round

In the morning I’m woken by a telephone call, of we’re all at breakfast are you coming.

The campsite no longer looks as good as it did last night

My diddy chair looks real diddy next to the camp fire.

We pack the tents up and part our ways. Me and Alan are heading off to

Quarry Bank. Well that's where we ended up as we weren’t actually sure where we where going as I was trying to pick somewhere randomly out of the book.

Parked up in the car park was a nice little two seater smaller than mine even!

We made our way down to the mill and the ticket office. We were given tickets for every part and even a guided tour of the Apprentice House at 3:30pm as they had a two person slot left.

And we went and had a delightful dinner in the cafe. The Hot Brie and Bacon salad was wonderful and just what I needed.

We started the tour of the mill, which started through a store and I picked up this book, having already read his second one, first.

Across the bride and into the mill itself.

To find some kind of art collection.

Not quite what I was expecting in the Mill

But very nice all the same.

Alan seemed eager to move on

Ah the cotton mill workings and te story of how it began. Now this is one machine that must have taken ages to set up.

Imagine getting all these wrong.

The Mill is huge and you get the understanding of why

I suddenly notice the time it’s 3:25pm, Alan we have got to be at the Apprentices house in 5 minutes.

Trying to escape the mill proved just how big it actually was.

It was one long walk to the apprentices house, how did we get there intime?

We sat down in the school room where the talk began and Alan suggested it might be time to turn my ringtone off. The only seats were at the back of the class room and these had quills and ink to write with. So we did. And we got black fingers.

The tour of the Apprentices House was really good. And whilst we had been in there, Zoe had tried to contact us both to say she had come to join us. We however had not responded for some time, always nice to be ignored – but it was only becaue our phones were off, timing!


We called her and headed back to the mill where she was inside.

Beining that it was now so late and the entrance closed we snook in the exit round the back.

Ah the big wheel

we watched and watched it turn round and round. It was so big.

And the big wheel turned this little gears

It was tempting so

I looked up the chimney

And here was Zoe at last

And we went back to the big wheel

To watch it go round and round.

The place was closing and we were being persuaded to leave, so we moved on for a walk in the Carrs

It was a flat walk around a park with a river, BBQ, ice cream van and

an playground!

oh how we do like a see saw

Erm I hope no one saw us!

On our way home we go to Zoe allotment, oh my how it has changed, there’s plants growing everywhere

In particular “my” potatoes are growing very well.

Corns on the cobs are coming on

Sir Slugsalot is doing his job well, very well. We have a Sunday cavery at the 3 Bears with Jerds and Caroline before I head south and back home, for some reason I’m very tired.


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