Saturday, July 13, 2013

Llanfihangle Somewhere on a Terrace


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I wake up way earlier than Alan or Zoe, Go tot he bathroom to get a wash and brush up only to use a new the best a man can get Gillette 3 bladder. And off I take a lump of my chin without feeling it but instantly seeing all the blood that is now oozing out liberally from my face and going everywhere. Eventually the flow is stemmed and I go in search of the Special K Zoe had told me that there was plenty of last night. I look and look everywhere but the oven.  I do eventually find it mind, not in the oven but on the shelve next tot he cellar stairs. I sit in the garden with a pot Tea and special K, the sunshine and more blood. Will it ever stop?


Eventually Alan and Zoe appear, and Zoe is especially hung over. We have some egg on toast and then ring Matt to see if he is yet up. We pack the car with Alan and Zoe’s bags and equipment and food and all the other things you may need for one nights needs and head round Matt's to collect him. And so we drive off in the direction of Ruthin, somewhere I’ve never been, but apparently is the route from Manchester to Wales that everyone uses. We stop at Tesco's in Ruthin and then head off on a windy green tree laden B road to….


The pub in nowhere, on a tight ninety degree bend right next to a river and bend. The pub being the Crown Inn.


We park up and head into the pub to announce our arrival.

We are shown the tent and terrace and ponder if we can move the car closer so we don’t have to move six ton of stuff by foot.


And apparently this is the route on to the field. Our neighbours were Okay in the Honda Jazz so

We went for it.


Notably the landlord has a Land Rover for such journeys.


Well it is a secluded sot by the river and close to the pub. So tranquil.


Some of us unpack eagerly, some of us don’t.


Once we have moved in we go for a walk down the field and along the river.


Such a nice day for a walk.


The path though seem to end in the woods at the end of the field. I’m not sure but I think Alan and Zoe have found the “natural toilet” for the end field campers. They seem happy about it.


Matt on the other hand isn’t hanging about to find out if its true.


So we need to cross the river again and whilst most of use take our shoes and socks off for a refreshing wlak through the river Alan struggles with the rocks.


The neighbours however lend him some flip flops to cross with.


And his doggy takes them back.


And with that Alan puts back on his favourite shoes and we are walking to the famous church.


So what makes this church so famous. Well its the pub actually. As the pub stood next to the church, however when they had a huge flood, they decided that they need to move the pub, so they did. But not the church.

And so we enter the church

Grab a bit of history about it and

wander up its path

Well there not really anything special in here apart from the coolness.

Aparently this is where the water level came to when the church flooded.

Zoe ponders over the beautiful architecture of this magnificent example of a church.

Who’s ringing the bell Matt ponders.

We leave with thought the church balcony and

head out of the door. Zoe signs the book, and leaves, leaving behind her bottle of water. I buy a postcard and notice Zoe has left her drink and obviously think that's a good idea I’ll leave mine too. Its not what I though but is what happened.

We head on out of the church yard and into the sun, down the lane,

enjoying the widlife.

We come to the village park, although we don’t actually seem to have come to a village!

I can see some exciting activities ahead.

Yeah we couldn’t resist.

Oh so tricky

We walk on, until Alan and Zoe stop and look over the view of a field.

When myself and Matt get there we look around, look at each other and then consider, “what were they looking at? This Thorn?”

Come on guys its time for the bar.

Well the cows were please to see us although

Matt wanted to join in the moooowwwwnnning.

So Nack you think our drinks are in the church do you. Yes I went to pick up yours and well put mine down too next to it so it had company.

Water in had we head closer to the bar.

We walk the long way, over the bridge and in the front door.

We get the landlord to serve up 4 Jewel in the Crown beers only available here in Llanfihangle

With drinks in hand we head to the shade of the terrace.

Cheers all as we relax in the evening sun.

Ah the tranquillity of it all and hearing gently in the background the river flowing by.

The BBQ was lite

Food was prepared

Flesh was put on the BBQ

And we opened a bag of crisps to share.

ohh this looks good

You really couldn’t get a nicer venue.

On went the corn of the cob

And out came “Hey They’re my Fish”

Unfortunately for everyone else my skill at this game is unprecedented. Although I’m not sure how I manage to do so well either.

We stop to eat the corns on the cob of which we all have different methods.

Matt of course doesn't like to get his hands messy


More fishy games then I say eagerly.

“Nack I think this is the last time we are playing”

The moon comes out and along with it

The atmospheric latterns

The ambiance of the candles

And the Chilly Pork scratchins with hairs on which is just a revolting combination.

Sorry I got side tracked there with food again, what I meant was it was story telling game time.

And the story's in most cases were real good.

However it appeared that Alan and Zoe were playing to win? What is all that about?

They ruined my game card collection right at the end and made me sulk.

So I legged it to bed.



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