Saturday, July 20, 2013

Steph’s Birthday

We woke full of beans and ready for the drive to the Waggon and  Horses for Stephs birthday karaoke and camping bash. First though I want to go to Decathlon.

The weather was with us and we unloaded the cars and put up the tents.

One luxury pad latter.

The games came out, the ber, the food

and the children.

In fact me and Alan were like magnets for a certain group of kids to who one was rather in control of well everything. Whoever gave her the mallet needs talking to.

After much exercise I go into hiding in the plants. Its the only safe place to be.

As dusk falls, we leave the camping zone and head indoors.

We play pool and for some reason I’m good, I’m really good. So dam good even I can't believe it.

There is singing going on, well when I say singing we all know what I mean.

The night went on.

and we went outside to sit next to the camp fire Alan had got started.

And before you knew it it was time for bed, well for me anyway.


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