Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tea at the Cottage

So I leave work to meet the family in Blackpool who had gone up earlier in the day. Shouldn’t be too hard going north on a Tuesday night. Yeah right, crash on the Aston Express Way, Crash before the M54, and a Crash before Manchester on the M6 actually meant I had to get off the motorway and drive around to a junction or two north before getting back on the M6. Luckily I was in my dads motor and the satnav in there was put to the test and did really well.

Apart from actually getting me to the cottage. Now there google had let me down with the postcode. Not that I ended up far away and with a little bit of twiddling I was where I should be and meet up with Les.

So inside we went for tea and fish and chips

We order up our meals and the waitress did point out that the platter which is what my mom order was somewhat big. Da Dah, its a sharing platter.

We all look at our own thinking this will fill me up, who is she going to eat all that?

Well we all did help here trying each fish that we hadn’t had before.

And with a full belly we head to our hotel for the night a Lancaster services. A nice little travel lodge, have a beer and head to bed.

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