Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Big Speakeasy

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I’d woke up with a hangover and I was definitely not good. I need an emergency swim session to get the alcohol burned up. When I got out of the pool I headed to the shower for a very long shower. Hell I still feel bad. I get back home and pack, and then head over to Stockport to meet Alan and Zoe, whom aren't in. Not a problem I go to the Funky Monkey Coffee Company and have one big Chi Latte whilst sitting in the sunny window with all the Monkeys. Luckily just as I left home the post man had brought round my MX mag. I know dam exciting. when I do meet Alan and Zoe, Alan suggest we go to the pub, and that we do, drinking only American beers in the “beer garden”


When we leave the pub not only am I feeling better but we are Leiden with Chinese food for tea. We all get ready for our Speakeasy night out

and we are with the two hottest girls in town.

Next door want to see our outfits and so before getting in a cab do a photo shoot.

Everybody looking like they need a real drink.

Inside the mayhem begins because Nack has brought a gun out with him. The first time I’ve been search at the door and been allowed in with a gun after they found it.

I can’t believe they let you in with that. I hope your going to behave with it.

We look down the beers and start ordering

pretty much everything.

watch out he’s got that gun out again.

If we ignore him he’ll put it away I’m sure of it

The band stop playing for a rest and I have no doubt a beer too.

which give me more shooting time.

Then they come back on playing more music that some chap wants to tell us all about.


Nack has his gun out again and for some reason believes it to be a good idea to shoot the lovely Rosie.


We get to meet the famous Drew Dickinson, although I would have never recognised him.

As you can see from the table things are getting messy, it is time to go home…

but we don’t not straight away, nope the Blossoms door is open and whilst they are trying to close they serve us a pint, being they are such good customers. Once kicked out we wander the wet street down the road helping Roise walk in her silver shoes that she is really suffering with. Once out of the wet we settle down in the front room and the night continues on….

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