Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Journey to Ardfern


We get up the next morning and pack the cars up. I ask Les if he had managed to get his car repaired yet? Good news he had and there was no iffy noises coming from under the bonnet any more.

We hit the M6 and head north to Teebay services

Where we stop for a full breakfast made with the finest ingredients known to man. Truth is I probably didn’t need breakfast after last nights dinner.

We pull up at some service I’ve never actually been to for a rest stop, and also Les need a splash of fuel. Now I’m not sure why but last year when we came up Scotland and I was in my old MX5, Les bombed up the M6 and I struggle to keep up with him. This year while I was in my dads new car he drove really slowly. Yeah go figure.

From the services we head to Dumbarton and stop at Morrisions for a proper bite to eat and to refuel the cars at a proper price.

Well now we were in Scotland I couldn’t resist having one of their delicacies.

I also needed some more eighties music to keep me going so £5 was spent on 80’s chart busters.

We were now in the nice drive area, Lochs, trees, windy roads, this is a real drive.

And popular it is too.

I had mentioned to Les about taking a slight diversion down a small road, yep all single track and all I can say is Les must have liked going backwards as he did a lot of it.

Across the Loch we could see Inverness our first stop.

And a while latter we were there.

Myself I’d never been here but the others had on the year I never came up.

And Les decided to stop.

He pulled up to the Edinburgh Wool Mills shop as he knew my mom would like to go to it, and then the other three deserted me and my mom to go to the local whiskey store!

The shop loved my mom as she was having a big retail therapy moment! Oh no she has got two CD’s as well.

We leave Inverness with the eights CD collection thrown out of the window and the car now blaring out Bagpipes' from the open windows.

We start the drive to the wild side

Were there is nothing around.

And here we are. Our stop for the night in Ardfern

Mind if you have a yacht you probably know about this little sanctuary.

We pull up at the Galley of Lorne and get all our bags out of the car. Check our phones, yep no signal we are definitely here.

We check in and head to our rooms.

My mom and dads room this year is at the end of the corridor and looks out

over the Loch. Well its not sunny but still a nice view.

Me and Les have the same room as last year Tiree, done out in purple and

has the 10 out of 10 shower!

Well it raining and there isn’t really anything to do other than relax in the wet beer garden, well for ten minutes before we decide it is too wet and head indoors to the bar.

Before you know it though it is time to move to the restaurant area and take our table.

I even managed to collect some post cards from Inveraray just in case there was none here or in Jura.

What are we going to have?

My mom and dad join us at last

So this is one of those places where a strapping lad like myself needs 3 courses. The food though is divine.

And always presented beautifully.

I go for the mix grill, I’m even having chips – again.

Les is undecided weather to eat the master peice or not. But we all know he does.

And to end I have my favourite, a cheese board. More importantly its a really nice cheese board.

Well Les is stuffed. I’m stuffed and my brother is stuffed.

We move onto the sofa area and relax wit a drink.

Or two

or my be even three before deciding it really is time

to go to bed.

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