Monday, August 26, 2013

Getting Wet


Alan and Zoe got up to see the campsite in a weird cloud.

However sometime later I open the tent to pure sunshine.

They are sitting out with tea and lapping it up.

and who could blam them.

Regrettably it was time to put the tents away and pack the cars. And then to decide what to do?

Zoe thinks as its so hot it would be good to get some canoes. Yep were all up for getting wet. So off we go to the Streamers car park which turns out to be very full! Zoe makes a space in a bush and I park on the end of the bay in pebbles.

We see a “steamer” all parked up.

And head to the hire place.

When we get there some Kiwi come Aussie chap suggests that we should have got up earlier and got here before the rest of the population. There all booked. However we say we will take anything. Can you sail? Hell no. Why did we just not lie. Well we have a sail boat with oars then if your interested and they show us the boat. a deal is done and

Alan and Rob get rowing.

Zoe takes control and does the rudder. Me I just sit back and whip the rowers.

Ohh how dam exciting.

Eventually they get some kind of form together and

we end up miles out.

this is the life says Zoe.

That way please and row.

We are not the only ones rowing mind.

You can see they are really enjoying themselves.

Look over there, theres an island.

Turn and head for it.

Before you know it we are moored up.

It was time to go exploring the little island we were on and Alan took this wonderful photo of it.

We had a wander and I was try to consider where I could take my clothes off.

Alan I’ve searched every detail of this place.

Isn’t it great?

Ohhh its that great is it?

Before you know it Nack and Zoe have gone in the water. It cold. Its very cold. Its freezing infact.

Once acclimatized we go for a swim. they really don’t know what they are missing.

Another little island and we get off.

Yea we made it.

Who’s going to jump in then?

Just once around the island Zoe?

And before you know it we have swam around and back to the boat. Now to get out!

Alan gathers our clothing from around the island and brings it back to the boat.

We’re coming aboard brother.

And off we go in search of yet another island and here we are.

We all get off for a quick look around.

Ah there are more people here already!

Theres so much to see.

and the sun is baking hot too.

Maybe I’ll get an all over tan?

So Zoe are you ready to go in again I ask?

YEs and in we go trying to brave the cold a bit better this time.

So nice once your in.

I could swim all day and no nasty salty taste.

This is the life.

And after all that swimming, you know what the idle gits got me and Zoe to do? Thats right row back.

We were good together though, and we rowed at speed across the calm lake back to the jetty.

So it was time to find some refreshments.

Enjoy a sit down and a dry off in the sun.

Befroe you knew it though.

It was time to go home.

Sometime latter and tired we were back at my brothers.

What another great august bank holiday weekend. Thanks everyone.


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