Sunday, August 04, 2013

Have you ever been to Holy Island?


I get up in the morning and leave my window seat to pack and enjoy some special K.

The apartment is cleaned and tidied. So asks Les where are we going on the way home. I suggest some hills and perhaps Berwick, but it must be noted that would then mean the M1 A1 home, not a great route. “What do you mean not a great route?” “Well the last time we used it it was a pants route”. “The last time we used it? When was that?” “2006 we looked at some of th east coast on the way down and the angle of theNorth”. “Arh right its a plan then.”

We closed the door on number 2

hand the keys back and

walk down the road to where we have put the cars. I stop at the grocery shop and say to Les have you noticed what's in the window here?

A Stig and Darlek. Odd but true.

Well the car is right where I left it.

And so is Les’s. We pack the cars fill them with people then head to the Jet garage to fill up. After that we head South East over the hills that turn out to be boring and onto Berwick which quiet frank didn't look up to much so we carried on.

We pull up for a comfort stop and discuss

going to Holy Island, a place you can only get to if the tide is out. Les mutters something about how I should check the tides I think I’ll check the tide when we get there, it will be in, out, coming in or going out.

We drive on

We get to the causeway, the sea is obviously not in.

But from the flow of water does look like its coming in.

and here we are on the island.

We park up and I go and talk to the national trust lady whilst looking at the new tidal sign. Argh look Les the tide will be in at 12:30. The lady says that when the tide comes in your stuck here for 4 hours. Les looks at his watch and disappears. Its 12:50. We watch he zoom off in his car and disappears into the distance.. Your mates in a rush isn’t he. Doesn’t seem very economical to have two cars? Why have you come in separate cars? That's because there more than the two of us in the cars. Aren't you going to rush off too like your mate?

No Its my Dad’s car and I wink at her. We have a discussion on what there is to do here, where to stay and get a leaflet off her. I bid her good day and return to the car.

Les calls me on the phone, “you better get your ass moving the waters upto the road. Relax Les I’ll be there in 5 minutes mate. See you on the other car park.

Well the water wasn’t on the tarmac yet, close but Okay. We head to a nearby restaurant and have some Sunday dinners apart form me who has a warm Salad. To you that's more like a stir fry. Here it is in all its glory.

Once we have finihsed our meal we look across and the sea has definetly now come in.

I ponder that if you hire a bike your alright to cycle across.

From here we head south. The glorious A1 M1.

which of course takes you past the Angle of the North. It would be rude not to stop so we do.

As usual the wide lens camera just isn’t wide enough.

So there I am standing next to the big rusty steel thing.

See. So from I tell Les to part ways and I’ll see him home one day, I stop at the next services, post the last of my cards and then head south, then west across the M62 before stopping at the service north of Manchester for tea and a relax, boy I was tired. From here I go the clockwise way round Manchester and drop off onto the A34, a slower route south but more interesting than yet more motorway to homeland. Oddly Les couldn’t believe I wasn’t that far behind him when I got back.


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