Sunday, August 18, 2013

Have you ever wondered why they still sell tipex?



My brothers car has been sitting on my drive since April. Not having had a weekend where it was either suiable or I was in to do it, it has been taking up space I want back. So finally the parts ordered come and I get the manual out on how to strip her down.


And as expected all was going well until I got to the 21mm crank bolt. Would it come undone? Do they ever come undone? Well it probably took me two hours to get it undo and mass muscle power. Its scary just how much those bars bend.


Eventually though it came off and the front of the engine was stripped.


A new water pump in, a new thermostat housing in, which was what the job was all about, but to change it meant striping it all down.


And so here is why they still sell timpex. So you can highlight the timing marks. You can’t see it here but the old belt had the white stuff put on it too.


With that all done back on goes the crank bolt to some 160Nm.


Some time later we go from this


to this! all done in a good time of only one day. I do like working on these cars. Nice and simple.


Now to try and fix his head lamp problem. Well it looks like you need a new one of these, a mere £62


And so my brother finally gets his car back and there is more room on the drive. Yipppppppeeee



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