Friday, August 23, 2013

Have you forgotten something?

Friday came and it was time to leave work early for a trip up north once more. I headed to the supermarket to get some stuff to eat, home to put the bags in the car put the bike rack on and my bike, and then went to collect my brother. Oddly he said “you didn't come and get my bags last night so we still need to go back to my house to get them”. OO yeah I forgot and for a change has my phone turned off all evening to recharge.

We get his bags and then head to the bike shop to get his bike, which had been repaired just in the nick of time. I loaded the bike on the rack and set off up the M6 north on a bank holiday Friday, mad me.

Alan advises they’ve ditched the bikes as they weren’t happy about the way they were hanging off the back of the car. My brother and I get to Lancaster services, some way south of Lancaster and await Alan and Zoe. They're roughly 16 miles behind us coming off the M61. A pit stop for the toilet and a sandwich and they have apparently passed us.

We burn up the M6 to catch them but there is no sight of them, at Inges we pull up atthe Esso garage and refuel.

From here we head down the country lanes

And here we are Sykeside camping site. I check in and the girl lets me know Alan and Zoe have only just turned up and gone down the the field.

We park up,

meet and Alan and Zoe

And get the tents up. This time I have brought the Tenby tent II last used in 2008 according to the ticket on it. No mould thankgod.

The camp fire is lit.

Food is prepared and cooked, and the beers got out.

Its one of those cool but refreshing nights by the camp fire Alan has got going.

There a fair few beer from around Europe drunk!

Eventually everyone but me and Zoe are still up drinking, and we are joined for a second time. This time its a man wearing a “Camp Warden” shirt and like what we have done with the “camp”, however would we mind being quiet now its 12:30. We oblige and realise just how quiet the field is now without us two speaking. In fact everyone has gone to bed and there is no other sound other than us. We join them, and I consider what time I’m going to wake up needing to use the faculties!

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