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Leaving Tranquillity and Whiskey


We awake in the morning and open the curtains, what do we see.

We see that the sun is finally shining oh so brightly.

The air is warm and smells so sea nice.

I go and wake the parents up and prod them into life for breakfast.

We settle to breakfast, I write so post cards and munch my cornflakes whilst

enjoying the view. We find the waitress has been here some 3months and used to live in Nottingham. Fed up with the traffic she looked for a new job on the internet and found this one advertised, and so packed up with her boyfriend and moved over here. He does the bar, so we have meet him too. Isn't it a bit quiet here though?

We decide to go for a walk to burn off the breakfast.

Off course there is only one place to go, the pier.

and now you see it not at night!

Two very excited people walk back from the pier.

Look over there, 2 escapees.

Well we could do with finding a post box I tell the others and theres the general store to check out too. And my guide book says there’s an old mobile phone glued to a wall somewhere in the village

We walk past the hotel

The palm trees

The boats in the harbour

and read the sign ‘welcome to Jura"’. If you want anything go to the hotel and ask.

There is a local bike shop

And gee whizz a telephone box and post box.

We head into the general store which generally sells everything other than Bell’s whiskey.

There’s a another really interesting sign on the side of the bike hire shop. Closed go tot the hotel says the notice.

And here is the official notice board, with the exciting news “Boys cycle helmet lost if found call”. Good god down our way you just wouldn’t bother. How nice a community this place is. I can see why the waitress lives here now.

We walk back to the hotel to get my parents as it is time for the Distillery tour.

We wait while my joker dad is wearing something on his hat. My mom appears but she is not her usual self.

We take the few steps to the distillery

and enter the “showroom”

And as things go this is probably the best one so far. The tour is about to start but suddenly my mom does not want to proceed with it. Eh? Well having seen whiskey made before I decide to let the others go and take her back to the showroom.

Whilst there I get a couple of bottles for some whiskey lovers and the girl asks if I want to try them before I buy them? Er no if I try them I probably won’t buy them? What? Well I don’t like whiskey, there presents.

Cha ching, whilst my mom insists on have a way over priced badge. We settle up and I decide to take her for a cup of tea.

As we wander outside though the tour has end and they are at the front door. wow that was quick. Well it was her first day, she didn’t know how whiskey was made, they haven't made any whiskey all day. You haven't actually missed anything. Right oh – only a cup of tea by the looks of it.

We go back to the hotel, I sign the book and

leave my comments.

and hand over the key.

Right driver take us to the 10:40 ferry then.

We plod across the island taking in the scenary

which is this time basking in the sun.

we arrive at the port and

note the ferry / come raft is on the other side.

Whilst we wait we see a notice board and head over to it.

ah some interesting facts about Jura.

just look at that. If we had just gone a little bit further there was something to see.

Well we have missed so much we will just have to come back.

And the top part of the island only reachable by walking.

I get back in the car impatiently thinking when is the ferry going to come over? Mean while I eat a packet of Guinness crisps, notable there is no Guinness in them there ingredients list.

The queue is getting really big and they can only fit four cars on the ferry.

Ah here is it and we are onboard.

Today they squeeze and I mean squeeze six cars on.

And we are off.

On the Isle of Islay we head down the main road to the Capital Barrowmore.

Now considering this place is so small they have an impressively large tourist information centre. I can only guess they get a rush on for accommodation sometimes.

So this place is famous for its round church and the distillery. Why else would we be here?

I have a wander

Well the distillery is over there.

And the sewer outlet is going out there.

So are they going to the distillery or not?

I go shopping with my mom. Here we buy more stuff we don’t need or probably want.

I do however manage to find a small Jura glass, which there wasn’t any of on Jura.

With the others in the distillery I take the car and drive up the hill to

the round church. I’m quiet excited about seeing a round church.

But I shouldn’t have been. It was pants :(

A nice bit of glitz here and there

But overall I was not impressed.

I did quiet like this piece of art though.

We came back out and there were the others walking up the hill.

What do you mean they gave you no samples? Ah so you bought non either in protest!

We get back on the road and head back to the port.

We have a while to wait while the ferry comes and go to the conveniently located pub next door for a coffee. Small and not quaint inside some truckers are try to chat up the young girl behind the bar. Considering they are truckers they are necking down a few beers.

We get back to the car and are called on to load up.

A different ship this time.

We park up and make our way to the lift.

Upstairs we go straight tot he restaurant area and await its opening.

We all want Steak and Ale pie. This makes ordering easy and Les goes to sort it out. When he comes back there is bad news, good news and bad news. The bad news is that there is no Steak and Ale Pies, the good news is I’ve ordered us all chicken pies, the bad news is there was only one cooked which is mine, yours will be 30 minutes!

30 minutes pass and we are all fed.

Now if we thought the ship on the way here was small then you may well think it now appeared big. As this ship may be bigger on the outside but on the inside it is smaller!

I walk around the outside feeling travel sick once more as the boat rolls over the waves until into the bay.

They all look comfy so I continue to wander nowhere and read everything.

There not far to go now

So I go to the relaxing room and lye back for a while.

The next time I get up they have all gone from the restaurant area. My brother and Les are outside enjoying the view in the wind.

The port is in sight and I can’t wait to be on land.

We are called to our cars and we head on down.

A few more minutes and then we will be spacious once more.

and we are off.

To the car park where we had left Les’s car.

From here we spilt up. Les is going straight to Edinburgh to get the apartment keys, while I take it easy and do the grocery shopping at Tesco Express up the road.

A while later we are at Loch Lomond,

we pull up for a toilet stop and

a bit to eat.

Some time later we have cruised through Glasgow central, across Scotland and into the heart of Edinburgh.

Les meets me outside and helps bring all the bags up, no mean feat. Oh my this apartment is small. Mind I have seen smaller ski apartments for much much more more.

I go and get a pizza from the Greeks up the road, where he makes the doh and spins me up a pizza in the oven while I wait.

So how did you go to Tesco, stop and eat at Loch Lomond and drive though the streets of Glasgow and not be that much longer behind me asked Les while he sat on the window edge drinking beer.

Mean while I find myself a seat in my bedroom. This window looks good and I open it and sit there myself

Enjoying the city view up and down the road. Oh this is a great place to sit and watch the world go by.

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