Thursday, August 08, 2013

Parts for cars

I had considered getting a quieter exhaust for my MX5. Well I now know it will be £300. And I thought that really it is time to change the brakes on the Skoda, so off I went to eurocarparts web site, but there was so many choices for the same year I gave up and went to the store in the morning. The chap behind the counter asked if it was for a VW and then said ah well we have a connection to the VW data base and can find out what was actually fitted and he disappeared for a bit. On his return they didn’t have the rear disc but could get them in a few hours. So I went back at dinner time and got the £140 quids with of discs and pads. What I thought was odd was he charged me less than if I had brought them online anyway – just yet another example of buying online not being cheaper.


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