Sunday, August 11, 2013

Retail Therapy

Sunday I get up relativity hang over free. My mom wants some solar lamps and looking on the internet the only branch that has some is in Merryhill. So we go for drive, do a bit of shopping and then I take her to the Abraham Lincoln for dinner.

Whilst there I pop into a Game and see Skyrim Legend. now yesterday I saw Skyrim Legend for £29.99 and ebay used its £29.99 which I had a bid on yesterday but went to high, and hence why I didn’t buy it in Trade play in Cannock, so here we go brand new. Could they find one of the 3 copies they had. Could they? Well eventually yes! So I had it.

Along with that I brought one of these to increase the wifi signal in the house. Yes we are not being bombarded by enough radio waves in our house!

Well at first it didn’t seem to work. Then it connected. Yay! But that wasn’t the only purchase, Nope I went into Thats Entertainment and brought a load of New Order CD’s!

New Order Get Ready, I know Rog would be proud of me.

New Order Power Corruption and Lies, I’ve downloaded them to my server.

New Order Technique, and now Google is uploading them to my sky cloud rain thingy.

New Order Republic – oh a new order fest, well not quite.

And one Prodigy CD. So hopefully I can listen to these in the gym tomorrow night.

Later on I go to the Cinema at Bentley bridge, its been ages since I’ve been here. We get our tickets and I get 3 litres of liquid refreshment. As there's 30 minutes before the film we go to the pub next door. I take the 3 litres of pop with me and order a tomato juice. Why, Well I didn’t want any more orange drink, I’ve got 3 litres of the stuff to drink. So we watch To The Worlds End which is a film about pub crawl, erm very interesting.

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