Saturday, August 10, 2013

The beer Must Be Stronger In Wolvo

Saturday night and my brother is dying to go out for a curry. And so is Fatboy

That is until he gets his in front of him, Oh I wish I’d had a Jalfrezi like you pair as well now.

Tonight we excel ourselves, 9 poppadum's, 2 chilli starters, 3 curries, 4 plain nan breads and 13 pints of Cobra. All at a price thats right.

You may have thought that we’d had enough but no it was off to Wolverhampton's Ultimate Bar for a fair few more.

and after that me and Fatboy wanted to go to the Harrows for last orders. But it looked like last orders had come on gone when we got there. The lights were off and the doors closed.


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