Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Pooley Bridge Experience

Morning breaks and we get up. I have some very special K

There is could on the horizon and today we decide to do something less strenuous.

We park up at the steamer car park.

Pay the £7 parking fee.

and then go and check what all the commotion is about.

There in the background is

Tony Robinson and his film crew. I know so dam exciting.

After getting an autograph we get some tickets for a return trip on the steamer ferry. Not that any of them are steamers. They,re just called steamers from the time that the boats on the lake were steamers.

We were so dam excited about this experience.

We got to ride on Western Belle. Built in 1935, she spent her early life in Devon as a firm favourite on Tamar and Yealm excursions.

It was crowded and popular on the Ullswater oo.

“I told you it would be exciting” shouted Zoe.

The wind blew but I was happy in my T-shirt and shorts I told everyone who asked “aren't you cold”.

We watch some people on an Island. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could get there.

The excitement never ends.

The water is so still and no doubt cold.

Alan is enjoying the fact he has his feet up.

Not far now.

Yay we can get off at last.

We get off and follow the crowd off the boat towards Pooley Bridge,

where people were paddling and playing in the river.

Alan on the other hand was busy on his phone. Alan is there a signal here?

We head into the center and pop in and out of the shops

ah a nice map of the area. If only I could get it without destroying it.

A wonderful image of the area. If only it had snow.

The sun had come out and it was time for some tea and cake.

And I had a cream tea, while Alan and Zoe had some soup. Now thats strange cake.

Ah so lovely, and I guess unhealthy.

God dam it I wish I’d gone unhealthy too.

“Are we all ready for a ride back on the boat?” ask Zoe. “ Can’t wait” replied Nack.

And over the bridge we go

and to the pier.

Where a queue had already started.

Time to relax for some

While I watched the ducks

diving under the water on the other side.

I wonder which boat we are going to get on the way back.

We get Lady of the Lake. aunch on June 26th 1877, she is believed to be the oldest working passenger vessel in the world.

I see some people in dinghies playing in the water,

I see the sun come out so brightly

I see the birds feeding from the water

see the mountains in the background.

and the tree on the lakes banks.

Then the boat in the opposite direction appears.

Somewhere out there is our destination


Alan says to Zoe “I’m getting my legs out”

He unzips his trousers

and shows us the flesh.

We speed around the lake

not far now

Nack I can see the end.



But before you know it we are there. Back at Glen Ridding. We head into the shops buy loads of beer and food and then head off to Aira Falls.

We pull up into the car park.

Luckily this one is free to Nation Trust members.

We head to the information area.

So many choices for walks.

looks like its going to be worth it though.

Ah the real information.

We walk through the gate and head on fowards

This is this is where the excitement begins.

Well almost.


We find some rough routes to follow

And here we are the big fall.

Look at it tumble

splish, splash, splosh

Ah look there's Alan and Zoe. How did they do that?

We look over the bridge wall and what do we see?

one hell of a drop.


Isn’t that just beautiful.

We sit down and have a snack.

Munch munch munch.

Well some of us do.


Zoe admires the view. Well I hope she’s admiring the view.

And off we set up hill to find more water falls.

There is much excitement to get off the beaten track

and to follow the water at its edge.

More wetness.

And some very awkward photograph spots.

Down here the noise of the falls was terrifying.

However they weren’t that big!

A bit further up and a lot quieter we found some more. It was pose time

way hey

Okay guys lets get serious about these photos?

da dar. And believe it or not I get really wet.

At the top all is looking good.

Perhaps it would be better with more water?

It does mean however we can cross the river.

and start walking upwards as that's what we like to do.

Do you really think there’s another up here?

Well you never know.

This is the end of the road for us though as we check it on the map.

In the distance we can see the sun setting.

But a least we are walking down hill.

The walk down though is a nice relaxing one.

Where we stop for a breif moment here and there

to pose

take photo of fungus

and people taking photos of fungus

The fungi is everywhere.

And the trees too.

there nothing more refreshing though than an evenings cool refreshing air.

There always another moment to pose in front of another waterfall.

And back to the bridge where the waterfall goes under it.

It’s still falling.

Well we couldn’t resist.

One, two, three


we wander further down on the opposite side of the river to what we came up.

and look there in the distance.

A totaly different view of the water fall.

yeah you can never get to many shots of it.

They even gone to the trouble of building steps down.

easy paths


and plant fungus.

this though was a surprise.

A tree embedded with coins.

and lots of them too. ots of coins that is.

The tress were different down here.

see the rib marks.

and the way the branches branch.

Eventually we are at the car park and toilet facilities. We all need them and disappear.

We arrive back at the campsite. Ah such a nice night

Alan gets the BBQ going.

I get the Martini and Lemonade out.

On go some real burgers.

Which is going to surprise you when I mixed up a salad and gave though who wanted it a healthier choice!

As the sun went down, so did the drinks we had brought in Glenriding.

In fact they went down all too easily.

And when it got dark

We got the candles out.

The food kept coming, the beer kept flowing.

And eventually we all wanted to retire.

As we went our ways to the tents I considered what time tonight I would need to go to the facilities.


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