Friday, August 30, 2013

You like it Hot?


I leave work and head into the centre of Birmingham. I have a walk around, and head into cash converters. There i nearly spend a million pounds but consider if I would ever get all the stuff home.

I get the bus and head into Harborn. Near Poade’s house I spot my way home.

I play with the children for a short time and then it is bath and bed time for them. While Izzy is being bathed Hattie comes down to talk constantly – no stop to Uncle Nack.

Mr Poade and me head out to the New Inn. The nice is night so we head to the beer garden. This is nice. The company is nice.

And I could do it every week. Gavin turns up and has a chat. Wow it is good to see him. It get s cold and we head in until we have tried all the pints on offer.

and then out to the Junction down the road.

A couple of pints in here and I fancy a Brooklyn beer. Now this particular tap should have a warning on it.

Poade goes and gets the round in. Lucky me.

my god that was expoensive

Well the menu does confim that me Poade. Sorry though I didn’t know until Alan messaged me to say it was dear in Manchester. Mind it is nice nice nice.

At some point we leave and head down the road for a curry. Poade is taking me to somewhere we have been before, however we pass the Harborne Tandoori Restaurant hidden off the main road. This proved to be an excellent choice, lovely absolutely lovely food and hot and spicy. The waiter even commented on the poppadum's sauce we had devoured, “good god you ate the hot chilli’s and the lime pickle are you mad or just like it hot? Would you like extra chilli's in your meals. Me and matt look at each other and nod madly yes yes yes please. The meal really was great though. I so want to come back here.

However they did take forever to get me a taxi and in the end they didn’t get me one in time to catch the train home. So I went home with Matt and called my dad.

He came and got me and following the eleven or so pints we had I fell asleep. I love going out with Poade, but I have no idea what we talked about!


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