Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Grand Theft Auto Day

On the release day of Grand Theft Auto V, just how many people rang up work sick I ponder? But no doubt today marks what is the PS3s final best game that will ever come out on it. No doubt there will b so much concentration on the new PS4 and the fact it will prober ably be so much easier to program to get better graphics. Its a shame. The PS3 was so much better than the PS2 in so many ways in game style and game play without getting the graphics to a point where they are too realistic and not gamey. I hope support continues for many years to come but I am just living in dream land I guess. I ponder what is the PS4 going to offer that will make me want to have one. An odd situation as when the PS3 came out they were unaffordable, but now a PS4 I could walk in and out out of a store with one yet I don’t feel I have finished with the PS3 yet or want to. Anyway I’d better order this up I guess.

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