Friday, September 20, 2013


I arrive in Buckingham in daylight. I drive through the centre of the small town, note there is a barber’s shop and think to myself perhaps if I get up early enough I can pop in there. I head towards the Travel Lodge and book in. I call Alan and Zoe and they tell me that they are roaming London still. Erm they going to be some time. Luckily I had brought my PS3. Unlikely in the room it was still a cathode Ray Tube TV and only had a scart socket. The only adaptor I didn’t have with me. No problem there is a big Tesco across the road so I go for a walk across the road. But the Big Tesco isn’t actually so big. Its like a reverse Tardis. I find the small electrical section and nope they don’t have one. I consider my options on burning time. Getting a taxi into town and drinking or walking into town and drinking. I opt for the second option. In fact the town center was closer than it seemed in the car. And I didn’t choose the first pubs I came too. In fact it was the last pub I came to and

probably the liveliest! Even the bar was very very hung over.

At least they had some nice beers to try here.

I read everything that was in the pub, I even noted there was a museum to go to.

Time passed and I was beginning to consider playing pool on my own, then a couple of people came in. Ah life as we know it. Alan, Zoe, Anne and John turn up and completly miss me relaxing on the sofa next to the window.

We discuss where we are going for tea. Having had time to look up the options we all agreed to go the the Red Chilli curry house across the road. And as per the reviews this was a great choice. It was really really wonderful. Wow my belly was full and the beer good. Too good. There was no chance of me getting up early.


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