Tuesday, September 10, 2013



Yay I’ve booked an Eski-mo pass which will open up more exciting places to see this coming New year – so excited to see some new places if it snows….

Val Cenis Vanoise and its three partners, Aussois, La Norma and Val Frejus, offer  the opportunity to discover a vast ski area of 300km through the Eski-mo pass. This gives access to three other resorts as well as the resort of Val Cenis.


21 sunny slopes of 55 km and 1250m of altitude in a traditional village on the edge of the Vanoise


27 tracks of 65 km and 1400m of altitude in a small family resort, located on a wooded tray


23 tracks of 65 km in a wilderness on 1200m altitude for lovers of freeride and all forms of skiing

300 km of slopes

  • 1400 m altitude direct
  • 1200 to 2800 m
  • 126 runs: 14 black, 48 red, 40 blue, 24 green


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