Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Furniture one


I’ve run out of storage, things are pilling up on the floor around me, I can’t seem to get rid of stuff. So I have a rethink and decide that I need more storage, But how am I going to work this. There is so little space left? I find a shelving unit on ebay in Wolvo and hope Les will come round in his estate car to get it. Like a good friend he obliges and when we get the unit in the car, we find the car isn’t actually long enough! So with the tail gate tied down and me holding onto it, we head down the speed bumped road and we get it to my home.


At least all those books which were pilled up are now stored nicely, and in fact this unti works out so much better than the table I had there.


I even manage to fit my other PS3 and TV on one of the shelves. So thats part one.


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