Sunday, September 22, 2013

Now That’s Suspicious

I wake up, still full from last nights tea. I have a couple of teas

and watch Steve Benway.

It is decision time on where we are going, and whilst Alan and Zoe are busy on there phones looking where we should go for today, I reach into the glove box and pull out my Nation trust book, made with paper and everything. The decision is made to go to Coughton Court and I follow the crew.

We are at the narrow entrance and go up the long drive.

Yay we are here.

We “book in” and head into the grounds.

Now where should we go first?

For a cup of tea and to look around the shops

I stop a moment and look at the garden. I have gone completely soft.

We walk a short distance through the gardens

before heading towards “the back entrance” which is the entrance.

Alan and Zoe give me a pose by the ornament.

Inside the entrance hall we have a group gathering. All smile and look down. Oh no that's no good lets try again, and again and again. Wow that's perfect. Nice ceiling.

Nice clock was what I was thinking. I need a white van.

We head up the stairs following the arrows. In each room was some written information and a person who would be most interesting if asked. There’s something about guy Fawkes here and his family of friends.

And here is a magnificent rug, hanging as usual on the wall. This one needs some special attention though. Not only is it special, it is very special.

In the same room there is a priest hole. Its a double priest hole. Not so that you can hide two but if the first part is found hopefully they won’t look for the second priest hole below it.

I climb the spiral and narrow staircase to the roof. Here there are views to die for and the air is refreshing.

And of course the all important places in the world are marked up here. I look but can’t see any of them in the distance.

I can see the ornamental pool though.

Back inside I was in for a surprise.

On this chair is a bag. A most useful bag if your a bit weird. And the lady of the house was, so when her bloke popped his cloggs,

she had his head chopped off and she put it in this bag and took it everywhere with her. she loved him that much. Just how smelly must that have got? Surely…? And sure enough I looked in the bag and there was a head.

Downstairs I was eyeing up the silver again.

Noting what card games they played.

And what religious artefacts they were keeping here.

Into the last room, a room you could sit and relax in, and in here we had a guide who was most talkative and interesting, notably in the picture on the far left. Its the guides with this much enthusiasm that make visiting these paces a treat.


did I say last room, I was mistaken. This was the last room with the safe in it.

Yes another rug on the wall we can’t take no more.

Outside we are looking a the plants once more.

And stumble on the ice cream shop. Red Cherry berry ice cream. yummy.

Not enough hands one thinks.

Into the gardens we go.

Where there are sculptures dotted around. I play with one that is meant to spin around in the wind. I give it a nudge and yes it moves in a brilliant fashion. Then on the otherside it side please do not touch! It would only have cost around £60K to buy!

There in the distance was one of the two churches – the church of England one.

Then we came across a master piece of sculpture. Nice bed.

Alan fancy a game of chess?

What ever you do don’t touch it for Christ’s sake. er Okay but I can see a checkmate move from here – irresistible.

Alan this would look good in your back garden.

I sniffed at a flower. Woooow

We continued our walk through the bog garden.

Here and there would be more sculptures


some you’d want to eat even.

From the bog garden to the orchard to another decorative garden.

Full of flowers

water features

and colour.

perfectionate flowers

dazzling colours.

Magnificent shapes

Which out did the man made items.

A sniff, a whiff, a bloom of colour

And hidden here and there would be a nice balance of man made

and not quiet so nice.

We wonder out to the front drive in search of the entrance to the first church.

Through the grave yard and into the large heavy church entrance doors.

We have a look around, it is harvest festival time by the looks of it.

The stained glass paintings are lit up but there is nothing much of intrest in this church. I can’t think why but maybe because there are two churches here for this house. Now isn’t that just a bit suspicious?

I head out and

Alan follows

down the road a bit and into a not so grand church on the outside with its one spire.

Inside it is cheerfully bright and inviting.

The windows creative and wonderfully decorated.

And the ceiling a masterpiece of art.

Now that is suspicious? Yeah?

We leave the Catholic church and head back to find Zoe, Anne and John.

Where could they be?

Having a cup of tea.

I go get a cream tea and share it with a wasp. Then buy a snowboarding book from the shop.

Before you no it the day has gone by and it time to head off back north.

We drive off

say goodbye Coughton Court

And before you know it we are near my home. I wave good bye as we split at the M54

When I arrive home the sun is out to play, But I’m a tired boy and read to relax some more.

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