Saturday, September 21, 2013

Some one call the fire brigade


We get up with the expectation, well I do of getting some breakfast that doesn’t consist of a Travel Lodge breakfast box. Zoe though has other ideas and is telling me I should have got up earlier or something? Me I’m still keen on going to Peper Pig World with her mom though.

As it happens she makes me believe that we all climb into my car go o Blenheim Palace and get breakfast there before going around it. We pull up at the gate shed and pay up, ensuring that he understands that there are 4 adults and one concession and that we want to park in a disabled spot. This is good as it means we can park right next to the Gate of the Palace entrance – or dam close.

Now I quiet often like Zoe’s idea’s but this one turned out not to be that good. Even though they took our money what they didn’t mention was we couldn't actually go in the Palace yet as it was on fire and they were awaiting the fire brigade. This included all the restaurants and cafes – as all the staff were outside. What was on fire nobody seemed to no.

There seemed to be an issue with getting the fire engines in due to some sort of queue of cars. Of course during all this my belly was wiring but I wasn’t sure if it was from hunger or curry the night before after effects. One thing though, I could do with a drink – non alcoholic I might add.

The fire engines get through eventually and as far as I can see there is no bonfire to get excited about.

The men get out of their red fire engines and run around, most exciting. And with this we decide to go to some gardens at the far reaches of the Palace park where there is cafe which might not be effected by all the commotion.

On the way we get to see a whole host of cars, Lamborghini about 30 of them all parked up and what was holding the fire engines up.

But this was a sight that not many people would ever get to see and close up.

They prised me away eventually to the train station where the train wasn’t running yet.

And so a long long walk began.

Which gave us time to investigate some of the old twisted and hollow oak tress that were around.

On and on the road wound. I was never going to get this breakfast.

Through a big gate and we are here.

Just what you need Nack eh

and off into the gardens we went.

Towards the butterfly house but on the way we stopped to see some bee’s being beesy

In the butterfly house things were warmer,

more colourful

and very interesting. Not just looking at the butterfly's but the notices of the butterflies life and habits.

Seeing the butterflies was actually very hard.

They were they well disguised, well most were.

And most were still. Well perhaps not this one! Before we left we ate properly. Yeah.

And then caught the train back to the Palace. much to the excitement of us all.

Go on just like Alan I know you want to experience the whole journey ;: Just press play.

We arrive at the end of the line, and wonder if all those cars will still be here.

It would appear not!

Then we walk around the corner and there they all are.

And out of all of them there is one really odd old one. Classy and nicely stiled. Now this is my favourite out of them all.

They have all been nicely lined up, obvously for a photo shoot.

So we get our cameras out and start shooting

I bet your loving this Nack aren’t you ?

Noise noise noise, like F1 cars not like a noise MX5. I really have got to sort out my MX5.

As you can see I did like that older car.

Do they even know they are sitting in heaven?

Our jaws a dropped we are still dribbling, or is it just me?

So I get the perfect shot. And five hundred people follow me.

Perhaps though Alan is trying to tell us something. We are here to see what Alan?

Oh Okay then.

I’m coming I’ve got the hint.

And then we were in and heading for the Winston Churchill exhibition.

Now I’ve no idea who this chap was or how his dad managed to afford a house like this. But I like this guy. He wrote post cards. So he couldn’t have been a bad chap at all.

Looks a bit grump mind.

As we leave the exhibition dedicated to the Churchill we go back through the entrance

which is far quieter now.

Always look up you never know what you might find.

And the floor is nice too.

So we move on through the living rooms

and the many many of them. This was done as a guided tour. If you wanted or you could just wander around.

Very elegant. If you into this kind of thing.

Nice picture

Nice rug but why put it on the wall?

Much excitment in here. I think they’re all eye in the silver, but

there’s a real nice painting on the ceiling.

Personally its not a nice piece of silver. It could do with being melted down and making beautiful rings out of it

Nice picture, note the foot peeking out of her dress.

More rugs on walls.

They’re everywhere.

The living rooms are complete and now we get to check out the ‘chapel’ I guess.

If I just lie here and admire the ceiling do you think anybody will mind?

Yeah, but Alan who is she?

There always someone with a big head in the way.

Now the organ seemed to impress a lot of people. But there was no sound coming out of it. I wonder if anyone would mind if I played just a few notes?

From here you end up a chapel of rest

Where beautiful carvings are done for the tombs.

Staggeringly well detailed.

Yes blow your trumpet mate.

And we end up outside again.

What you say Alan? What? Don’t What? I’’ have to get closer I can’t hear you? Oh? Yeah right!

We rest for a moment with a cup of tea in the Italian gardens.

Nicely done and kept.

With statues here and there and little fountains

Magnificent view. Love it

Zoe and Alan give me a lovely pose.

What Alan, oh and then some little girl comes and tells me off for being on the grass. Her mom then apologises to me. What is the world coming to? I step off the grass and Alan is saying something about abandoning me.

We see some more statues before

heading off across the grassy lawn.

At the other side there is the private residences

Alan gave me some kind of warning about not getting anywhere near the sign or the  fountain?

And so we moved on to find the secret garden but where would it be.

any ideas?

Shhh this way a statue said to me.

Where there was hidden a vast array of colour

A hideaway cabin.

and fish. big fish, fish that would be great to batter and fry.

Enough of the secret garden exclaimed Zoe and off we went in search of more hidden treasures.

What is it we have here. A Lake? A pond?

A fountain?

No a real life Heron. Doing it natural thing. Fishing.

So this is what we are trying to find.

water, fountains, statues all moulded into one. I think I might go for swim.

Now this I can envisage is someones back garden.

The Roundel.

A beautifully done to.

Now this photo is one of my favourites.

We are crossing the lawn once more, glade its not me who has to cut it though.

Hold on Alan's had enough. this is one walk too far for him?

At first I thought Zoe was going to kick him but no……

Some time later they are back up. Not here I’ve not stopped walking and are on supper zoom.

Looking in the other direction I spot a tree that is in Autumn with its vivid colours and softness against the green grass, it has dropped some of its featherlite leaves which adorn the velvet floor.

Not only does this excite me but has got Alan wild too.

We are now in the remote and romantic rose garden.

Mainly noted for its roses and


And there is so much of both here today.

As we leave the romantic rose garden we head for the waterfall. From here it looks like a miniature Niagara.

Alan make it look big.

Some how though it just wasn’t close up.

The lake behind was though. It was really big! And I’m guessing deep.

It was in fact one long walk and a walk that Zoe’s mom had not joined us on. We had been gone some time and now would we be able to locate her.

She was sitting comfortably in the cafe, in the warmth

There was more than one thing left we wanted to do today so Item one, The hidden story of the house.

A visual tour of the history of the house and far more intresting than the story of Mt Churchill and his post cards.

We were getting desperate to finish this tour though as the park was going to close very soon and we needed to be else where.

Down the winding, winding stairs we went.

Out through the shops of goodies you don’t need, didn’t think you needed and indeed still buy anyway and into the car. Where is Alan???? In the shop still.

A few minutes later and Alanless we are at the other need of the park once more.

For here is the last item on the days agenda.

The Marlborough maze.

And whilst I want to run around it like a headless chicken I opt to sit down on a bench with Zoe’s mom, while her and John go off to find the center.

We sit and enjoy the afternoon sun whilst they make it waving madly when they are on one of the two bridges.

Wow that didn’t take long did it?

Did you see what the maze said in the centre of it? No? No? Well take a look at this picture then. How did you get that NacK? I must have beaten you to the centre and back to this bench without you seeing me Winking smile

Mean while Alan has appeared outside the walled garden. He is munching and drinking.

We climb back into the car and head back off to the exciting land of Buckingham.

Now we had a curry last night. What can we eat tonight. We look at the google reviews….

The Cheng Du gets good reports.

And so in the very busy Cheng Du they find us somewhere to sit, get us some drinks and know together some really tasty food. The rice I have is real nice too.

I even find room somehow for dessert.

From here we head in The White heart

It is warm in here, just what we need after a full belly busting Chinese meal.

And I would like to say I’m impressed by them having up the first Christmas tree I’ve seen this year (since the last).

Non of us can take the heat anymore so we head off.

And Alan finds us another pub which is far more comfortable.

way too comfortable for some.

Eventually we get a taxi back to our Lodge for the night. Ah the bed is so comfy.



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