Saturday, September 14, 2013

The big chill

After a nice day with family, I have the urge not to stay in – I did that last night and got totally bored out of my head. Having paid for a holiday I can see my snow board lying there dying to be used. I get my gear out and head on up to the Chillfactore.

There is some charity gig going on (SUBJAM - Shred for Cancer Awareness) and while it looks like there is no one on the slope here it is alive with people and gazzebos with lots of snowboard in. Worse is the fact that the girl at reception tells me it is £35 to join in the charity night which started at 6pm. “Good value if you came then not so good if you want to go on now for an hour. Oh. I’d feel like I was ripping you off for that long.”

I have go at the charity raffle and watch them go down the snow filled slope. Sod it I've got to get on there. I return to reception and smile, I know its mad but I’ve got to go on anyway, I’ve come a distance. I ask when they are closing and tells me the charity event ends at 10pm so there is only just over an hour left anyway. She smiles back and advises she’ll adjusts the price to something more reasonable and tells me £10 of it goes to the charity. So it worked out no dearer than I was expecting and some of it when to charity anyway.

Yay on the snow at last, and unusual for me I’m using the Atomic Alibi and not my Nitro Suprateam. Well the bindings were on from my last holiday. Can you believe it I haven't been here since last going on holiday in March!

This year my fitness level has increased no end, not only can I actual run quiet easily now on the treadmill, but snowboarding was an effortless doddle. Was this down to the Alibi? Well no I had to ‘learn’ how to control the board but that I expected having not been here for while. So at the beginning there was many turns as I was adjusting to getting the best out of it, as well as it being well waxed, by the end I was flying. Erm those ramps look interesting but then they’d insist I’d have to wear a helmet……

I think you might be interested in this track: Created by Google My Tracks on Android. Name: Trafford Blvd Activity type: driving Description: - Total distance: 104.43 km (64.9 mi) Total time: 1:01:27 Moving time: 1:00:36 Average speed: 101.96 km/h (63.4 mi/h) Average moving speed: 103.38 km/h (64.2 mi/h) Max elevation: 211 m (693 ft) Min elevation: 70 m (230 ft) Elevation gain: 481 m (1577 ft) Max grade: 7 % Min grade: -8 % Recorded: 14/09/2013 22:27

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