Friday, September 27, 2013

The Last Of Us

The M6 is not only troublesome on the way to work, but also to Alan and Zoë's on the evening. I turn up and worryingly there is no one in. Did they remember I was coming down on Friday night. I had spoken to them since last Sunday, had they forgotten. Google Stalker wasn’t working either so I had no idea where they were. I considered the blossoms for a moment, but that could have got messy latter if they didn’t come home. Erm the TV is on and their not answering their phones :/.

Then they appear carrying a very large quantity of drink substances from the shop down the road. I drop my bags in the house and we have a cup of tea! Within minutes Rosie and Brendan are round. We sit down in time to watch the first Episode of Marvel’s S.H.E.L.D with a pizza tea, and then some of us watch the last ever IT Crowd. From here we move into the back room and play board games. Rosie has brought round Tokaido, a strange but enjoyable game where each player is a traveller crossing the "East sea road", one of the most magnificent roads of Japan. Somehow I manage to get 75 points and win! Yep I like this game.

It is really late and Rosie and Brendan go home, Zoe however has decided I need another drink and we sit in the living room. She puts on the last of us and shows me where she has got to and where she is stuck.

“We” are now stuck at this point in the game for some hours, which can’t be helped by more drinkies. Having tried every scenario to get out of the area Nack decides to shoot the people. Zoe tells me not to do this, but it infact turns out to be the thing to do.

The excitement is far to overwhelming for Alan and to be honest it was way past my bed time some 4 hours ago!

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