Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The New Arrival


A big box has come and I already know what's in it. So good to see they have packed it so well.


Here is the addition of the Sony turntable, complete with USB port to rip vinyl should you want to record with all that cripes atmosphere.


I have a rejig with the old stereo system and removed the mini-discs separate. I think its now time to say goodbye to that. So we have almost gone backwards, we are using a single tray DVD/CD player, turntable and I even have the graphic equalizer rigged up to the amp. At the bottom is the redundant tape player. Why am I keeping that?


So here is the moment I can actually play the 12” Soothe My Soul that Alan and Zoe got me for my birthday.


This of course go me reaching into my cupboard to get some other vynal out. Here is Holiday by Madonna


Now here is an album that hasn’t been played for a long time. And looking at it, its like new in the sleeve.


I put it on, its crackle free and after a while I suddenly remeber that the Big Bang album wasn’t like their singles. This album has really slow versions of the tracks on. We’ve Got A Fuzzbox and Were Going To Use It – 12” single realese were really good, and explains why this album hasn’t been played and worn out, unlike my Pet Shop Boys vynal, ouch that crackle hurt my ears.

Something for you to enjoy.


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