Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why is it so hard?

I’m trying to reduce the clothes I have. I don’t wear them all so I should have no problem selecting items to remove. However this would prove to be an issue. But why, I really don’t get round to ever wearing them all. Even John price tweeted not the Prodigiy one surely. And he was right, when I put it in the discard pile I thought the same. But its some 15 years or more old. Really I worn it to “The Dorch” on numerous occasions!

With some selected I went onto the shirts and mad the same small selection to remove of these too. Not good really. And next I need to look at removing half of those 120 odd ties I have managed to obtain along the way. From here I had a family afternoon out with my cousin, and uncle in Codsall. It was nice family get together. Wish I’d taken some board games along though.

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