Sunday, September 15, 2013

Why Woolworths Closed


Today I was going to tidy the cables on the lava lamps in those new shelves. So that the wires could pass though the back of the cabinets. I got the man sized drill out and drilled the holes.

I cut the cables and had gone out to get some new plugs. And it occurred to me that there may well be a whole generation now that don’t know how to do a plug. Do you remember the days you brought an electrical applicance and then if you were switched on before you went home you would go into Woolworths to buy a plug, because you were very very luckily if they came with a plug fitted.

So it must have been the governments fault, when they declared that all electrical appliances must come with a moulded plug, that Woolworths went bust. Not our for not buying enough “Pick n Mix”. So the plugs were wired.

And it all looked nice and tidy at last.


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