Friday, October 18, 2013

Before you print please think about the environment



There are moments at work when you should take a moment not to write emails like this, but on this occasion I did. And obviously emails were sent back…

Dear *****,

There are (this I already know) but I like paper, I like read things off paper and if I print PDF catalogues on the paper we have here they don't last more than a day. Long live catalogue's and as you peruse a catalogue you often see other items that might be better for what you are trying to engineer. 'That' you tend not to get on the web searches. I understand that the RS catalogues was consuming most of the worlds paper resources and being thrown to one side after reaching millions of potential customers who never flicked a single page after they had been delivered using yet another of the world "endless" resources.

I love to read books, I don't very often, but when I do, I like a book of paper in my hand. Not some digital screen that can hold 1000's of books.

When I read magazines, I like to read a paper version, colour glossy paper, not a version on a screen from the web.

Don’t get me wrong there are things the web is good for and gadgets that utilise the instant technology. You may think it's just that I'm aging, but having lived in the paper world and the digital world, and paper is still important, unless you are looking to make strategic economic cuts and savings whilst at the same time being able to constantly change and update at a bewildering rate of knots that nobody can follow.

But some things I just like on paper.

When I write, I like to write on paper - be it a post card or letter, it is far more personal, compassionate and meaningful that way than sending a text or facebooking someone.

And I'm going to continue to print things out because if we all became vegetarians we wouldn't have cows in "fields" (you can change this word to inhuman cow sheds if you want). And I'm guessing the same with paper. Where would the trees be - there wouldn't. Why have trees if we humans aren’t going to cut them down and make 'fast' a buck or two out of it.

Life goes in full circles and I'm waiting for the moment where at the end of the an email it says:

"Go on then if you really want to appreciate what I've said print this out on paper. Enjoy, hold, touch, feel."

But then it really wouldn't matter either as it hasn't been hand written in ink - but then can the youngsters of today write???

And sometimes it's hard to read on printed text of an email if this is a rant, clarification, or just a polite way of saying hi, hope you are well.

So I will clarify

Have a nice day :) and hope to speak to you soon


Please feel free to print this out and hang on the wall. If you really want call me and request a handwrittien version, it would be a pleasure to post it to you.



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