Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Too for six ow won

Tonight I came in and subjected myself and my dad to Les Misérables. I'd never seen it and it was a musical. The last musical I'd seen was Sweeny Todd, which as it happens also has in it Anne Hathaway. Not only that but she also has a mincer in that too. The only other thing is the last time I saw that film is while my mom was in hospital just like now.

So although it was much harder to swallow than Sweeny Todd because the lines were somewhat non musical in places, but everything was sang regardless of it could have been or not, I really enjoyed the story - having never taken any interest in what Les Misérables may or may not have been about all this time. Hugh Jackman and Russel Crow work really well together or not so if you see what I mean. So glad to have seen it - although while my dad stayed awake I don't think he enjoyed it.

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