Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hot Wheel

I was in Halfords yesterday, for something else and I thought I’d see if they had any magic alloy wheel cleaner. I’ve tried loads of them and non work fully. So I looked at this and I looked at the price and I thought Jesus, will this stuff work then or am I being conned.

I read the back and it is for lazy people. So I thought go on give it a try. And so I took it to the girl at the cash desk.

Now most of the cleaners will clean the wheels but not get rid of the brake dust as can be seen in the corners of my 15” BBS alloys. Even the ones you have to brush. So to be honest with myself I was ready to be disappointed.

It says put it on liberally but don’t get it on the brake parts? How do you do that, especially as its not a spray nozzle, and more of a direct squirt nozzle?

Anyway I spray it on and I’m not completely lazy so I go over the wheels with my toothbrush. And leave it to go red. Does it go red. Does it heck as like.

Then I get the hose pipe out and wash them down. OHHHH. Must of it gone but not all so I recoat the awkward areas and toothbrush some more.

Now its not perfect but I’ve not seen them this clean since. Well I don’t know when. Wow I thought.

and got on with doing the rest!

Perhaps this stuff is worth the money after all.

And so the moneypit has lovely fresh feet

to stand on.


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