Sunday, October 13, 2013

I needed nuffing


What a wet day and I didn’t fancy playing on the PS3, and I was going out there to fix the MX5. Instead my mom asked to go to the cash machine and I suggested we go to the cash machine at The Merry Hill shopping centre and also get some late dinner. She had no problem with that and so I took her out for the day at the worlds biggest shopping mall without a mono rail. We had dinner in the Abraham Lincoln and then went around shops, aimlessly looking for something to buy that we didn’t need.


Soul search the record store for some music I would listen to I came back with these CD’s. Yep a Faithless fest along with the classic Album Frankie Goes To Hollywood (featuring the classic power of love), Feeders Singles, James The Best of, and the classic Happy Mondays. Sometimes I have to ponder why I haven't already got these.


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