Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Pix Star The Ultimate Picture Frame

When I got home here was a brown cardboard box waiting for me to open from France. It had taken a while to come but I knew what was in it. Something I wanted for my birthday, and something my brother was willing to get me but unless I got one from the USA there weren’t any available in Europe. Suddenly Amazon had some. Do I pay the extortionate amount for a digital picture frame or not I pondered? It was less expensive than the USA import. And why would you want to pay so much for a digital picture frame???

Well the Pix-Star FotoConnect XD 10.4" Digital Photo Frame is wireless. If you have a Flickr account or Facebook account it displays your pictures direct from the web. What ever you or someone else has put up. On Face book if some tags you in a picture it will automatically come up as if by magic without you doing anything. It also has a built in web radio system built in and if there is a photo on the frame that comes up that you want to share with some else who has one of these (not likely as they’re hard to get hold off)  you select them and send it direct to there photo frame. As it advertises great for those photo of of your children you can send to the grandparents photo frame. For me though I’m enjoying it going though my Flickr  photos all 790000 of them!


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