Saturday, October 26, 2013

Spice Bazaar


Tonight I thought we would try somewhere new. Not only is this place closer to home (as the crow flies) it also meant it was closer to where my brother lived to. So I called to check they had a table for 3 before heading over there. Yes a table would be available and so we headed to Bridgetown in Cannock

The Place is called Spice Bazaar and is located in a converted house. We are sat down in the bar and await to be taken to our table. Once at our table for a change we have to study the menu. We peruse the dishes on offer, no chilli pakora here.

In a way the service wasn’t as good here as Jivans. But that's because its our first time here. So we actually have to order our Cobra beers and wait for them rather than them appearing like magic on the the table infront of us.

Quick enough food is served. The popadoms are as per everywhere, and come with the usual accompaniments of mint sauce (Yeah of forgotten tis real name), chilli jam and opinion salad. Nothing special here but nothing wrong either.

Then the starters come and my are they nice, I have Rezala and my brother Katia Kebab, which was just as wonderful. Fatboy didn’t have one.

For mains me and my brother had a chicken tikka jalfrazzi, Fatboy had a chicken masala, These were accompanied with a chilli nan, plain nan and SB nan and also Rainbow Rice. Wow there wasn’t a single thing here that wasn’t delightfully wonderfully flavoursome. The nan’s whilst not as good or the size as those at Jivans, they were really good. Nice and light and tasted perfect, very moreish. The Rainbow rice was a real treat too and I’ll be order more of this in the future. You might even think that I’d be upset as I didn’t get a balti dish. Well I ate it from the serving dish. The food here is so nice it better than the Kings Repose up the road and the atmosphere is much nicer too. There is no rush and it is calmer, the small rooms work well and the décor is lushfull.

When the bill came Fatboy like the wall paper saw red. I’m not sure why..

But he became a right arse about paying up and thinking we were trying to con him. The bill came to £79.00. We subtracted the price of our additional starters and advised him the cost. What you have got to be kidding I haven't had £23.00 of food. Well he was quiet right, the drinks here are £4.00 a pint. The food was well priced and very good value for money as it was so nice. But this he didn’t get and he carried on being an arse about it and not getting his money out. The only thing he proved was that next time we go out I will think twice about inviting him.

And so the only thing that was bad about the meal at Spice Bazaar was my mate at the end. No doubt I will be returning but there may only be the two of us there.


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