Saturday, October 19, 2013

Telford Pedofiles

I headed over to Codsall, to have a beer, some tea and to meet Gaz and Sarah once Gaz had got back from the match. For tea I had Their home made chicken and bacon pie from the specials board. I then sat read the Express and Star and ponder if I was actually going to get a pie.  Nope I didn’t get a pie, I chicken and bacon stew in a dish with a large puff pastry thing on top. Lots of chicken but no pie. Erm disappointing. Gaz and Sarah turned up, we had a drink and then went outside to catch the train to Oakengates.

It was a free train service in these days of overpriced rail fares. We got off and crossed the ancient footbridge and headed into The crown pub. Notable not only did they have a good selection of beer, but also snacks. We were amidst a silver wedding anniversary, which included a band for entertainment.

Soon enough though it was time to leave and head to The Place Theatre. Not that you would know that you had arrived at The Place Theatre as it was completely boarded up n chipwood. Here we met Sara (a different one) and Greenie, had a beer and then headed to be seated. My seat was D3, but when I got there there was two people sat down on an otherwise completely empty row. I ejected them from my seat they were meant to be on C3 & C4 and then the five of us sat throughout the whole show in an otherwise empty row while I’d got this couple to squeeze into their seats on a completely full row. The comedy was about to begin.

Nack it said no cameras. Its not, its a phone? I look at Sarah Puzzled.

So the Lumberjacks consists of Canadian stand up comedians Craig Campbell, Stewart Francis and Glenn Wool.

Stewart Francis basically compared with his Bob Monkhouse one liners all night.

Next on was the utterly brilliant Gleen Wool. Now this chap was good real good. Funny story's to tell and to be told, all about the luck of Canada – not that he lives their, nope he leaves in Devon – so he’s screwed.

Last on was Craig Campbell, who slagged off Wolverhampton, as we are Sat in Telford, and came to realised that the Telford crowd really enjoyed jokes relating to Pedophiles.

The night ended with a pair of willies on stage and then it was time to go home.

Once home I decided to have a midnight snack and called up on the service of Shimla Balti, it had been a long time but they delivered in a very short time. Yummy


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