Friday, October 25, 2013

Ten pints and a Chinese

After a long day at and not at work, I head down to the Swan and Mitre to join the lads from the workshop for a beer. They have been here since 3pm so I have some catching up to do.

We play killer on the pool table

Notable some people are better at playing whilst not looking what they are doing. After much beer consumption we head over to the Wing Wha for a slap up all you can eat tea. Not that any of us can actually eat that much as we are full of beer.

Soon enough though it is time to split and I head to Aston station to get me a £2.20 return ticket to Wolverhampton. Lucky me I can come back here tonight. I head into Brum and consider going for a pint here, or catching the train to Codsall. However on platform 6A a four carriage train is due for Manchester that will go via Wolverhampton.

So I catch the very crowded train. Manchester would appear to be very popular on this Cross Country train.

We pull into Wolverhampton and I consider it foolish to go to Jivans for another meal, so I go to the Posada and have a pint whilst I look up the time of the bus and burn some time. Oddly it costs me more on the bus than the return rail fare does for a much shorter journey!

I consider the day, I have used 4 cars, 2 trains, 1 bus, 1 pair of legs, used several glasses, ate Chinese, spoke with Chinese, smoked polish, spoken with polish, enjoyed killer and not seen a jumper and when I get home and Basic Instinct is on. I reach for the Listerine and think tomorrow will be boring.


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