Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Duvet Monster Dance

Delivery day had come for the new bed. However

I should have been called or texted 48-24 hours before to confirm they were going to deliver on the scheduled day. Had I received either? No. So I went to work and gave Bensons For Beds a call and asked for an update. After giving my order number a very polite lady in customer services came back onto me and said I should have received a text yesterday. Well I haven’t. That's because our texts don’t work with all networks! And yes your bed is down for delivery this afternoon between midday and 6pm. Great I thought I’m some 25 miles away. Now it occurred to me at this point that –“ that's got to be a great system sending out texts to customers knowing that they may not get them! So why not call?” Anyway I conclude that unless I had called they weren’t going to deliver as ‘suddenly’ they would deliver in the afternoon, or maybe I’m the only person in that area to deliver to and were hoping to change the day. If they had called this could have been arranged. However there I sat at work some 25 miles away.

About midday I get a voice message I’m on my way to deliver your bed, I should be at the address in forty minutes. I sit at work thinking that’s great I’m some 25 miles away. Sometime later after a session at the gym I get home and there is the bed in the living room.

Wo hoooo an airflow memory 2000 PLUS. Now I had it left downstairs for a reason. That was because as I had not know it was actually going to come today I wasn’t going to debed the bed I already had. So tired and weary from the gym, I debeded my old bed, got the mattress downstairs.

Got the new mattress upstairs, unwrapped and then did the duvet monster dance.

After all that action I lay on it and thought to myself, god that's comfy.



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