Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Joint

My mom has been in New Cross Hospital since Tuesday morning to have her hip joint replaced She's been in pain and agony for ages and has struggled on famously so fingers crossed this will sort her out. After visiting her each night, brings fond memories of living in this hospital some 5 years ago. However this time things were much better as the day after the surgery your could see the pained expression on my moms face gone. Having originally been told that she would be out by the weekend, this didn’t seem to materialise. Today though as we went to see her this afternoon she called to say they were going to release her. And so after she had he tea at the hospital, and god did it seem nice considering I’d only had a bowl of Special-K at breakfast time, she was given the discharge papers and she was off. You’d like to think sprinting down the corridor with a smile on her face. In reality we put her in her wheel chair and rolled her out. She was happy to be back home once more.

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