Saturday, October 19, 2013

We’ve decide on a name for him

I was excited because I had hit the last chapter, the chapter of a book that has taken me over a year to read, not that it wasn’t good its just the way I read very slowly and at random times. In fact for a book to keep your attention this long it must be a good read, to be able to put it down, pick it up put it dow, pick it up as and when the mood and time takes you means its pulling you back for more of the adventure it is taking you on. So I ‘stuck’ with James Corden’s “May I have Your Attention Please” – The Autobiography for a long time, taking it to France twice and Croatia once and a lot of places in the British Islay’s and even to the far reaches of Jura. Funny, sad, happy and moments in life that we all go through at some point, that made this an interesting and wonderful read of the up and downs of how his life twisted and turned, The bits when he was a knob and the bits where he was himself. A book I am glad to say I have read, and which at points made me laugh out loud – page 267 in particular. So the book ended and if anything just be another one of his critical reviewers the last chapter was utter pants apart from the last page. In fact if the last chapter had only been that last page it would have been a much better chapter all round. And with that I am sitting here writing this to Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Big Bang, Looking Forward to Watching The Big Bang Theory (seeries 7) and hoping (but not going to) thinking of a KFC Big Bucket.


Thanks for writing and sharing James.


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