Thursday, November 07, 2013

Four Horses

Hey a film I wan to rave about. A brilliant film from the beginning right to the end. A film that you should take for what it is and not look for all the holes. Now You See me was great. So good I’m going to get a Blu Ray copy of it, to put in my collection

With an all star cast (not always  good thing) including Jesse Eisenberg, J. Daniel Atlas, Mark Ruffalo, Dylan Rhodes, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Mélanie Laurent, Morgan Freeman & Michael Caine , all doing a superb job.

So the story is about 4 street magicians who are given an opportunity, so they take it although none of them no who by.

So how did they do it? Which is what the FBI want to know, Why did they do it? Who are they doing it for? And do they get away with doing it? I just enjoyed the whole plot and story. Great right into the credits.

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