Tuesday, November 05, 2013

How Big??? Really?? Will That fit??


When I got home a parcel had come. I knew it had come though as it was the item I had brought from Scan and they are really good at delivering and even telling you the hour they are going to deliver in. I open the parcel and inside it was a large box. And when I say large I mean big, hence the thumb in the picture. I wasn’t expecting it to be this big, perhaps it is just well packed?


oh my it looks the part looking at the technical geeky diagram.


I suppose this is meant to mean something but doesn’t and so to opening the box.


Oh my it is big. So big I’m not sure its actually going to fit. Will it fit, how can it possibly fit?


I open the PC up and take off the old cooler from the CPU. There some difference here! I might have made a mistake.


Much fafing later, the new cooler is mounted on the motherboard and the CPU. Worryingly the only way it would fit was with the fan pointing downwards and blowing downwards. would this be an issue.


No there's a problem, it is the width of the case, exactly, I mean that’s good right?


Wrong the side plat has fans on it. Looks like I have to take the upper one off. More fafing. Once done though I boot up. My is it quite. A rip a DVD and watch the CPU temp it gets to 50 deg C and the fan is still eerily quiet but whirring away. Its hard to even know the PC is on. That's good news as I can now leave it on all night uploading more interesting video clips of the M6.


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