Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Of all the excuses

Of all the excuses you can think of why not to go to the gym on a night, coming home and getting this devastating letter wasn’t one of them I had in mind. Virgin Active have decided to close the Star City Gym giving just over a months notice. It closes at Christmas. Oh Pants! As if its not hard enough to exercise now they want me to trudge to the otherside of Birmingham city centre in rush hour to use the other gym – “should I want to”. Part of the whole concept of using the Star City Gym was avoiding the traffic home! Being only a minute away from my place of work! Perhaps it was kept to much of a secret having the gym hidden at the back of Star City, or maybe the rental charge has gone up, or maybe keeping enough paper towel in stock after my email pushed them over the edge financially. Who knows but for me I can’t see this being good in anyway.

Can you believe I even brought some new goggles tonight as well. So I guess I’m going to try the Edgbaston Gym and check out what the parking and traffic issues maybe. I can only see this will be bad news for either me or Mr Poade who leaves nearer there!


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