Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oh My Your Back


I wake up early the next morning. 7:30am! For some reason I’m feeling wide awake.

I get up have a shower, and get refreshed. Insomnia Sarah has been up all night playing Nintendo DS, and Les is now up too. Something to do with the blinds not stopping the morning sunshine.

We go down for breakfast. There is only one thing on the menu, that's a full English. Sara tried to flumix the waitress by asking for a vegetarian one, even though she isn’t.

I have lots of Special K as they have plenty of that so yummy and refreshing with all that milk.

Sara was ever so grateful that she didn’t have the bacon and sausage with here beans and egg.

And then all that none sleeping at night got to her.

We went backup stairs, packed our bags

and said goodbye. We walked to the car, where we through the bags in the boot and the parking attendant asked how much longer we intended to park for. About 3 hours. Oh Okay and she disappeared. My car was now the only one in there.

We headed into the city, explored the worlds largest Primark and tried lot of Christmas fair on. Then went into That’s Entertainment, the biggest one I’ve ever been into and then headed over toward the tower.

We passed through some of the the Christmas market.

Enjoying all the hustle and bustle of the brisk day. But I was heading towards something cultural.

Here the Cathedral.

Why oh Why does Nack want to see another Religious place. He’s seen so many. They all the same.

This one of course wasn’t the same. Instead of having scaffolding on the outside. It had it on the inside instead!

Well they’re doing it up but not in time for Christmas! I can only think of one thing more to do now that you’ve all burnt breakfast off.

And we headed back to the Teacup kitchen for some more cake and tea and

cake, well milkshake but I don’t have a picture of it.

We all head tea this time, as well as my milkshake.

The anticipation before pouring.

the excitement

and most people like cake but when Les’s came something troubled him. Was it the calories?

Well they were sizable pieces. So Red Velvet cake.

Peach Cake for Sara this time

Oh yummy

And Lemon drizzle for Rog.

Which didn’t last long.

I sucked on my milkshake until there was nothing left.

And Sara had chosen perfume tea??? Believe it it smelt of perfume, it tasted of perfume.

But there is only so long you can stay in one place and after an hour odd it was time to leave.

No doubt I will return just to watch the egg timers.

Eventually I get back home and ponder, I really have got to replace those brakes again there’s something so wrong with them.


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