Saturday, November 23, 2013

Reaching for the UFO’s

I headed to the bus stop in the middle of the village as I couldn’t remember at what time the bus changes its route. It was might cold outside

The Allotment shop isn’t working out so they are changing it to a tea room. Now Sara should be well happy with that. If only they did cake too.

I meet some people in the Hogshead in town I haven't seen for a while. We have a few beers and a right good natter. We change venue and then head past the Civic hall to

The Wulfruna Hall where it is the famous Blast Off night. Worryingly the most popular drink in Wolvo that is on seems to be Strongbow. Once in the Wulfruna Hall not only do they have strongbow but we have the choice. Strongbow out of a can or draught Strongbow in a plastic Squidgy glass. I get us all strongbows in plastic squidgy glasses as its far more fun holding them when dancing.

Some looney juice in the belly and

we are soon on the dance floor regardless of weather anybody else is or not.

Some people reach for the lasers

I reached for the UFO’s.


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