Friday, November 22, 2013

Ten Out Of Ten

Coven’s premier event was upon us. The 5th Beer Festival! Okay for most people of Coven the premier event would probably be the Christmas light turn on – Happing 30th November.

And there was beer. 15 Beers and 13 of them were ready.

Out with the glass

In with the beer. I selected Wood Brewery’s Beauty as the first beer of the night. And wow I liked this. And thus scored it ten out of ten. Les thought I was a muppet putting the first drink as 10. “What if you find another you’ll like better later”. Good point but I really like this. And so I changed the score to 5.

Greenie starred at the grey pea offer but luckily came back with pork bad for you pork scratchins. However for him one bag was not enough, and I think he had one bag of pork bad for you scratchins, per a pint of beer he was drinking!

The music came on and the violin came out.

Its lucky I changed the scored  to a five as I scored Ironbridge brewery's JD stout 12. Well it would have been twelve. I gave it eight.

After an interval

The music was back on!

Captivating or what.

The problem was though having scored my second favourite as 5 (now 6) meant there was a lot of beers with 4 or less. Not that they were that bad. I just didn’t like them as much as the first beer.

At closing time I had two beers to go. So I quickly had them!

And went home. Oh my walking straight is awkward


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