Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Other Virgin Active


Thursday night came and I thought I’d head over to the Virgin Active Gym at Broadway Plaza. I knew I was in for city rush hour traffic but how bad would it be to get there. Well I got 2/3rds of the way quiet easily. Then I was buggered trying to get to Five Ways Island! Once at the island I was into the car park which the gym members get 3 hours free for. Okay but as there is a cinema here too, it will mean I can’t do what I do at star City and go to the gym and then to the cinema. I don’t do it often but is was good to be able to do it. So how do you get out of the the underground car park? A kind girl showed me how to get out and to the Gym, as that is where she was going. Then I was in the gym. I introduced myself at the desk and they gave me loads of info to take in. All the staff were very friendly and helpful. Have they been on some training course I pondered? Best of all though they have plenty of paper towel here, which must have been what put the other place under financial stress after my “feedback email was sent” regarding the constant lack of it and hygiene. At the end of it, I enjoyed it, they even have a climbing wall, but while change is nice, I like the feel of Star Cities Virgin Active Gym more, it is well just cosier!

When I left I checked the place out to see what else was there. Interesting the security man came and said hello to me. We had a chat a I made my way to the car park.

Luckily the journey back to the M6 is much simpler!

I think you might be interested in this track: Driving Description: - Total distance: 7.64 km (4.7 mi) Total time: 10:29 Moving time: 09:15 Average speed: 43.71 km/h (27.2 mi/h) Average moving speed: 49.46 km/h (30.7 mi/h)

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