Thursday, November 21, 2013

Three Dee

I’m not into 3D films much, but I did want to see gravity. I would have been happy to have seen it in 2D if there was an option, but no. So I popped my contact lenses in and put on the 3D specs. Being I had a cold I went to the Virgin active Gym at the Birmingham Broadway Plaza, but went to the Odeon there. I knew very little about what the film was about and its not about a lot. There is no “initial beginning” to the films story, it just starts straight off, and this works well. In fact the 3D element of this film gave it the dimension it needed, which for once without may well leave the experience a bit flat! As for the film it was riveting all the way through right to the end. Only 90 minutes lone and essentially only two actors throughout. I'm glad I caught it a the cinema. Great stuff Cuaron.

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