Saturday, November 02, 2013

When is Ingenious not Ingenious?


After too many hours playing on the PS3 I thought I’d better go out and do something. So I took the moneypit for a spin and headed to Billbrook and the Compton Hospice shop to have a mooch. There I got three ties. I hadn’t been for a while and the selection was disappointing. I got 5 CD’s whilst I was there as well, of which I already had 2 of them but did not realise. Then I thought I’d go in search of some more shops and stumbled on another Compton Hospice shop.


I pulled up and mooched, and then came across a game called Mensa Intelligence. It look incredibly like Ingenious that I play with Alan, Zoe and George. In fact it is the same only instead of shouting Ingenious you are meant to shout Intelligence! Now I need to find some people to practice with. From here I went into the COOP next door and got some snacks in preparation for tonight's online GTA-V playing – ooe yeah..

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