Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Merry Christmas

With all the present wrapped and them delivered to where they were meant to be, my brother had made it round it was time to start the Traditional Christmas Pub Run.

And so we headed into the center of the village and started as usual

in the Rainbow.

We sit down have a beer and Greenie turns up!

Next we head to the Anchor (Also know as the Fox)

Here we roast our nuts by the fire, when Gaz and Sara join us for a while.

Here it is all swap as Gaz, Sara and Greenie leave us and Beardy turns up just ready for the long walk to

The four Ashes. As quiet as we expected but always welcoming and cosy as it has always been.

We sit down and have a beer of course.

and they lit the fire for us.

Slowly the place fills up, I’m not joking as its Karaoke night (when isn’t it).

They open up a fresh Martini bottle for us and we have a Christmas drink before moving onto

The Harrows.

Here we order 4 Snowflakes before noticing they are 8.7%! Oh Oh Oh!!! Too late they she is on the third one!

To give you your due though it is a very nice drink!

We settle in and when I say settle in,

I mean for the night. We don’t even try to close the loop. Its too nice here and too horrible outside.

Eventually though the landlord wants us to come back but to do that we must leave. So off to home to see if Santa will come…..

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