Sunday, December 08, 2013

Christmas Shopping

While it might not look like it I have dedicated this weekend in taking my mom Christmas shopping. Today we have gone into Wolvo. Its nice and quiet. Most likely because not many people shop here anymore and a good 50% of the shops are empty! As I say in a way its a good thing, town is quiet without out all that getting in the way with people, great if your pushing a wheel chair and have to visit the car often to unload.

Eventually we ended up in Beatties and to confuse matters they have moved the toy department. Beatties when I was a kid used to have the grandest of toy departments and they really just are not trying any more. I guess it because they only sell toys at Christmas and people buy women's fashion all year round? The Santas grotto though is better than The Mander Center’s “B&Q shed” - I kid you not, no effort there at all. God knows what the Santa is thinking to himself inside his shed. Or weather the kids are getting the feeling that the recession has also hit Santa too. Even Alan wouldn’t think of booking us in it for a 3 night holiday. We wandered around the ladies clothing, before we headed to Cafe Zest and had for me the first of no doubt many turkey dinners. From here it was getting dusk and that meant time to go home to do the one thing on the agenda this weekend.


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